About Chris Whitley

My professional story can be seen as interesting, it may be helpful to know more about me personally.

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I relocated to the Triad area in 2008 as I was looking for a fresh start in my life. For a while after I moved here, I still commuted to Concord, NC daily to work at Motorsports Authentics (the diecast business is now part of Lionel Racing while the other merchandising is part of Fanatics). When the recession hit, I determined that I was unable to continue to commute, so I was able to land a position at the Sears Operations Center that was based in High Point, NC.

While I grew in my professional career at Sears, I also grew in my personal life. I met my now wife in April 2009, got married in 2011, and was blessed with our first child in 2012. When I realized that it was only a matter of time that the center would be closing, I left in April 2016 to join Anomaly Squared. My intuition was correct as six months later, the announcement was made that the Sears offices would be closing in February 2017. Sears played a major role in my personal and professional development, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

While at Anomaly Squared, I learned so much about multiple lines of business, as well as lead qualification as a whole. I was an Operations Manager within the company, and I personally reported to not just the Call Center Director, but also multiple client contacts for major organizations such as Lending Tree, EverQuote, Freedom Mortgage, Acurian Health, DirecTV, Spectrum, Estify, and others. Truth be told, I was involved in several aspects of the company that were not necessarily within my job description such as ensuring payroll was accurate and processed in a timely fashion, recruiting and interviewing candidates, as well as assisting with training. My family also grew as my son was born in 2018.

In September 2019, I decided to take a gamble on myself as I felt I had gone as far as I could within Anomaly Squared, so took a position with Randstad to become a supervisor for bSwift, which is part of the CVS Health/Aetna family of companies. Unfortunately, due to overestimating call volumes in a world where their employees could go online to obtain the information they need, I was laid off two months later.

For a brief period, I tried my hand in different lines of businesses from becoming a licensed insurance producer for not just Medicare Supplement and Advantage health plans, but also obtained additional licenses for property and causality insurance. I was also recruited by a former Call Center Director within Anomaly Squared to help lead a warehouse for an Heating and Air Conditioning company. It wasn’t long before I was recruited by 4 Consulting, Inc to work remotely.

4 Consulting hired me as a supervisor to oversee a team of auditors (referred to as reviewers) to award Covid-19 relief funds for a county in New York State. I was part of the initial group, and I was the only person still standing at the end of that program. From there, I was called upon to help start up a remote call center within two days after a hurricane for constituents of a southeastern state. Similar to what had happened at bSwift, the number of phone calls were grossly overestimated to the point the call center was shut down just over two weeks later. My latest work with 4Ci was oversight over supervisors and reviewers that were auditing funds spent by child care providers that were awarded grant funding by a state in the southern United States. Due to downsizing for budgetary reasons, I was laid off from this position on June 2, 2023. Due to a non-disclosure agreement I have signed, I am not at liberty to discuss publicly the specific clients or the auditing firms I was working with.

At this time in my life, I am the proud husband and parent of two wonderful children. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, watching sports (huge hockey fan, Let’s Go Canes!), spending quality time with my family and friends, and even watching old game shows as I am a trivia junkie. My career goals are to continue to learn and grow my skills, and to find a company that I can retire with. I feel my experiences and knowledge can be put to good use with the right company. To me, the relationship between an employer and an employee is mutual and must be 50/50. The employer must be willing to invest time and effort into the employee, and the employee in turn provides 100% effort into their role and strives to exceed all goals and metrics.

Behind every employee, there are the things and people that make them who they are. They contribute to their style and work ethic. I do everything I can to ensure my family is taken care of, and they are at the focal point of any decision I make, be it professionally and personally. I hope this not only gives you a better idea of who I am, but a little window into my world to see where I have been, and where I am wanting to go.