Chris at a Glance

Chris is a proven leader with years of management experience. In the past, he has retail and convenience store management, even having a stint working within NASCAR.

In 2008, he began his journey within the Call Center world, quickly his way through the ranks at the Sears Operations Center in High Point, NC, ultimately becoming a Team Manager within the Protection Agreement Benefits Administration department.

In 2016, Chris left Sears to join Anomaly Squared as a Supervisor and worked his way to being an Operations Manager. Not only did he work directly with nationally known clients across multiple lines of business (Insurance, Mortgage, Debt Consolidation, Patient Recruitment, and Sales) to meet their needs while ensuring the agents meet necessary KPIs to ensure profitability.

Since 2019, Chris has learned even more skills, even at one time having an insurance producer license for multiple lines of business, and even gaining leadership experience with auditing documents for a nationally known auditing firm for government agencies.

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Valuable Skill Sets

During his career, Chris has gained some valuable skill sets. Below are some some examples of what was learned along the way.   To learn more, check out the rest of this site.


Fifteen plus years of management experience across different lines of businesses such as retail, call center, and auditing.  Finding balance between ensuring all goals are met while still maintaining quality and profitability.

Direct Client relationship Building

Built and grown relationships with direct clients to ensure not only their goals were exceeded, but also maintaining the high standards and profitability of the company.

Call Center

Ten plus years of Call Center experience from being an agent all the way to management, gaining valuable customer service experience in how to handle highly escalated situations as well as ensuring all metrics and goals are exceeded.


Having trained classes of new hires as well as incumbent employees on processes and procedures for multiple companies, even being sent to other locations to train and build new departments.

Don’t Take Chris’ Word for It

Below are some testimonials that have been shared to show the knowledge, dedication, and work ethic Chris has.  Full names and additional letters of recommendation are available upon request.

“It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Chris for any position in your organization. I was immediately impressed with Chris and his technical skills. He can train fellow coworkers in a way where they can easily learn new tasks and be more productive. Chris was a joy to work with because of his amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick tightly to deadlines. His can-do attitude and team-building skills were also necessary and valued not just by myself but by his peers, who often relied on his to get the job done. I am confident Chris would be a great fit for your team. He will bring the skills and experiences you are looking for in an applicant. Thank you.”


Motorsports Authentics

Now residing in Las Vegas, NV

“I am equally grateful for having you as my supervisor for this ‘final run’. No matter what was going on, you were unfailingly available for me. Your upbeat attitude always made things better for me, and your detailed answers/explanations were hugely helpful and educational. I loved that you would give me your logic behind a decision, rather than just saying ‘this is the answer’.

I also look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again on a future project – it would be hard to find a better supervisor! :-)”

C. C.

4 Consulting, Inc

Residing in Tampa, FL

“He was my supervisor when I worked for the company Anomaly Squared. Working with him was a joyous experience. He has compassion and empathy for others and he is very attentive to what is going on around him. While working with him I felt he was a very caring and supportive manager. He does not just look at us as numbers and I truly appreciate that. I can appreciate the fact that Chris was always understanding of his agents needs and showed concern and compassion as well as empathy for us. Working with Chris was a great experience. He has always been a great team play and leader. I for one would like to just say he is an amazing individual and it was a true pleasure working with him. Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak on behalf of my coworker and friend.”


Anomaly Squared

Residing in Greensboro, NC

“I have worked with Chris as a peer on both a quality team as well as a leadership team. Chris has a diverse skill set that would be valued in a diverse variety of work environments. He is adept at analytics, change management, training/on boarding, driving success via leadership while effectively managing metrics, and is proficient with technology and innovation. He has demonstrated the will to make challenging decisions in a short timeframe repeatedly in my experience working with him, and has always applied logic and reason to timebound, critical choices. I would highly recommend you consider Chris for employment in your organization; he provides a valuable balance of relationship building and innovation that will drive success on any team he is a part of.”


Sears Holdings

Residing in High Point, NC

“Since 2017 I have come to know Chris Whitley in both a personal and business sense. He served as a reliable full-time Team Lead while I was the Director at Anomaly Squared and excelled at one-on-one coaching and mentorship.

Once I took on a new role at Eanes Heating and Air, I recruited him to join me there as a Warehouse Team Lead where he was able to bring high levels of organization and efficiency to our operation. He was invaluable when it came to detailed tasks and time management and was able to make a difference daily using his management experience and skills.

Chris Whitley would be an asset to any operation or business, and I would suggest that he be highly considered for this role.”


Anomaly Squared and Eanes Heating and Air

Residing in Greensboro, NC

“Chris Whitley is an excellent worker that is willing to do what it takes to get the job done, and to get it done right the first time. He would be a valuable part of any business that is looking for someone that works hard, works smart, knows how to manage company resources, and knows how to recognize skills and valuable talent where many would not have seen it. I say this, because he saw in me what no one else saw in me, not even myself, and showed me that I can be so much more with a little bit of help and guidance.”


Sears Holdings

Residing in Winston-Salem, NC

Certificate of Apperciation (Star of the Week)

Awarded by S. Mundell, who was the Operations/Project Manager over the county project for a reputable auditing firm.  This is just one example of some of the achievements Chris has.  Visit the Achievements page to view more.